when you touch (2017)

Instrumentation: Mezzo-soprano and alto saxophone

Duration: approximately 8'

Dedicated to: Megan Ihnen


  1. as we lie side by side (range: B 3 to F-sharp 5)

  2. nOw Oh SLoW (range: F 4 to F 5)

  3. there are so many tictoc (range: A 3 to F 5)

Program Note: when you touch is a set of three songs on erotic poems by e e cummings intended for performance by the dedicatee and the composer. The composition combines latin jazz, spoken words, blues, vocal sounds, twelve-tone melodies, and performance art. The world premiere of "as we lie side by side" occurred in Fort Wayne, Indiana on October 15, 2017. The entire set was premiered on November 13, 2017 at Xavier University in New Orleans.

Score Sample/Purchase: Not available at this time