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Arcanum for solo alto saxophone (2014)

Performed by Joseph Herbst

[Note: Arcanum includes some extremely quiet moments (such as the first minute of the piece) that may not be audible through mobile or laptop speakers.]

Crescent City Postcards (2013)

Performed by Tromboteam! 

Jennifer Griggs, John Grodrian, Ben McIlwain, Sarah Pardis, Craig Watson (trombones)

Commissioned by Tromboteam! as part of their 2013 tour and recording project

To download Tromboteam's entire album please click here

Doppelgesang (2015)

Performed by Noah Bedrin (baritone saxophone) and Shoko Hayashizaki (piano). Recorded live in recital in Tubingen, Germany (18 October 2015)

Song of Peace for Yusef (2013)

Performed by Rational Discourse

Solos: Steve Alford, clarinet; Shane Parish, guitar; Alan Theisen, alto saxophone

Petite Suite (2003)

Performed live in concert by Holly Roadfeldt

II. Humoresque

III. Nocturne

Tornado Revisited (2008) for saxophone quartet

Performed by Project Fusion

Sonata for alto saxophone and piano
(2003, rev. 2007), II. Toccata

Performed by David Wozniak (alto saxophone) and Krista Wallace-Boaz (piano)

Download the entire album by clicking here

Con Tristezza (2011)

Performed live (premiere performance) by Duo Fujin

Alan Theisen, piano

Concerto for alto saxophone and string orchestra (original 2002 version), II. Burlesque

Live recording of the world premiere by Lawrence Gwozdz (saxophone) and the Szczecin Philharmonic Orchestra (Szczecin, Poland)

Adagio Notturno (2011) for saxophone quartet

Performed live by the Euphoria Saxophone Quartet