Megan Ihnen & Alan Theisen present...
a recital of new music for voice and saxophone

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"Spring" and "Summer" from Season's Song — Michael Young *
Silver Songs  Anna Brake *
No Matter How I Go (Epitaph for Carrie Fisher) — Michelle McQuade Dewhirst
"Fall" and "Winter" from Season's Song — Michael Young *

~ Audience Q & A ~

Aria — John Cage
Epilogue  Jessica Rudman
when you touch — Alan Theisen *
From All Of Our Love This Was Lost — Nick Zoulek

* composed for Megan Ihnen and Alan Theisen

Future Performances

  • Boston Sculptors Gallery; Boston, MA; Aug 12 2018
  • Nashville State Community College; Nashville, TN; Fall 2018
  • University of Nevada Las Vegas; Las Vegas, NV; Nov 14 2018
  • University of Northern Arizona; Flagstaff, AZ; Nov 15/16 2018

... and more forthcoming!

Previous Performances

  • Diastole Scholars' Center; Kansas City, MO; Apr 13 2018
  • Washington Revels; Silver Spring, MD; Mar 3 2018
  • Thrive Atelier; Baltimore, MD; Mar 2 2018
  • Wayne State University; Detroit, MI; Feb 28 2018
  • Emory Planetarium; Atlanta, GA; Nov 18 2017
  • Mars Hill University; Mars Hill, NC; Nov 16 2017
  • Western Carolina University; Cullowhee, NC; Nov 15 2017
  • Highlands United Methodist Church; Birmingham, AL; Nov 14 2017
  • Xavier University; New Orleans, LA; Nov 13 2017
  • Allen Co. Public Library; Fort Wayne, IN; Oct 15 2017
  • Pilgrim Chapel; Kansas City, MO; Mar 16 2017
  • University of Missouri Kansas City Conservatory; Mar 16 2017
  • Graceland University; Lamoni, IA; Mar 15 2017

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Watch Ihnen and Theisen perform Epilogue by Jessica Rudman

"Lunch Hour" from Silver Songs by Anna Brake

Megan Ihnen and Alan Theisen demonstrate synergy and a deep musicality together... it was difficult to differentiate where the voice began and the sax ended - they played as one instrument, breathing in and out of one another’s phrases... These two have a lot of music to share together...
— Mara Gibson, composer
This World of Yes was one of the most successful chamber music programs our school has hosted. The creative and diverse programming was exciting in itself, but made truly special by Ihnen’s and Theisen’s fluency in navigating different styles, and by their commitment to engaging the audience in their musical ideas.
— Ian Jeffress, saxophonist
An unimaginable combination of sounds. Megan Ihnen and Alan Theisen make audiences feel right at home in This World of Yes through engaging dialogue and a performance of outstanding variety and impeccable musicianship. It is truly a performance that must be seen to be believed.
— Marc Ballard, saxophonist
In more than four decades as a professional musician, I have never encountered a more powerful and more deeply human program than This World of Yes by Alan Theisen and Megan Ihnen. They are performers of extraordinary ability and communicators nonpareil. I recommend them without hesitation to anyone who wants a fresh look at what it means to be artists in the 21st century. They possess a rare ability to connect directly with the audience with integrity, humor, and great charm. I can say without question that you will not be the same after listening to them.
— Gerald Custer, conductor
This World of Yes is a captivatingly visceral experience. From the first note to the last, Megan Ihnen and Alan Theisen suspend time and transport their audiences into a new enrapturing world. Ihnen uses a phenomenal spectrum of vocal colors portraying her profound command and understanding of the voice. Complimented by Theisen’s dexterity on the saxophone, this program is masterfully performed, artfully crafted, and full of YES!
— Jocelyn Zelasko, soprano