Eclogue (2007)

Instrumentation: Solo flute


Dedication: Misty Theisen

Movements: One movement

Program Note: Eclogue for solo flute is a modification of an earlier piece for solo alto saxophone and was premiered by the dedicatee at Florida State University in August 2007. An “eclogue” is a poem in a classical style on a pastoral subject; poems in the genre are sometimes also called “bucolics.” The term originally referred to short poems of any genre, or selections from poetry-books. The ancients referred to individual poems of Virgil's "Bucolica" as "eclogae," and the appellation was used by later Latin poets to refer to their own bucolic poetry, often in imitation of Virgil. This composition may be interpreted as the journey of a lonely shepherd, caught in a sudden storm, lost in the wilderness, ultimately returning to familiar fields.

Score Download: Click here to download the entire full score of Eclogue for flute free of charge (PDF)