Instrumental Chamber Music

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Traces des Temps XXII for solo percussion [in progress]

Suoni Notturni for flute, alto saxophone, and piano [in progress]

Antic for solo bass clarinet and kick drum (one player) [commission in progress]

Nordic Improvisations for solo alto saxophone [in progress]

Time Lines in memoriam Elliott Carter for solo violin [commission in progress]

Shotgun Golf for solo flutist/actor [commission in progress]

Albumblätter for solo violin [commission in progress]

Lineamenti for soprano saxophone and baritone saxophone (2019)

Tanzstellung for violin and cello (2018)

hybrid in the wild for solo alto saxophone (2018)

La Distanza Della Luna for flute and alto saxophone (2018)

Pura Besakih for two flutists (2017/open work)

Lamassu for alto saxophone and viola (2017)

Ricochet for alto saxophone and piano (2017)

Sonata No. 2 for alto saxophone and piano (2017)

Sleep Now O Sleep Now for clarinet and piano (2016)

Passing Tones (An Elegy for Walter Hartley) for solo baritone (or alto) saxophone (2016)

Doppelgesang for baritone saxophone and piano (2015)

Arcanum for solo alto saxophone (2014)

Ondes et Ombres for violin (or flute), clarinet (or alto saxophone), and piano (2014)

Remembrance for woodwind quintet (2014)

Gallery for woodwind quintet (2014)

Crescent City Postcards for trombone quintet (2013) 

Two Forms of Insomnia for soprano saxophone (or oboe) (2011)

Commendo Spiritum Meum for solo flute or solo violin (2011)

Con Tristezza for flute, soprano saxophone (or clarinet) and piano (or alto & tenor saxes and piano) (2011) 

Adagio Notturno for saxophone quartet (2011)

Lento Drammatico for alto saxophone and piano (2010)

Cadenza for Claude T. Smith's Fantasia for Alto Saxophone and Band  (2010)

Tornado Revisited for saxophone quartet (or reed quintet) (2008)

Eclogue for solo flute (2007)

Sonata for alto saxophone and piano (2003; revised 2007)

Variations on a Theme of Gretchaninov for two alto saxophones (2001; revised 2005)

Eclogue for solo alto saxophone (2000; revised 2009)