Focus on Sharing vs. Focus on Judgment

No matter what you do as a musician, focus on sharing – not on judgment.

Judgment focus is a function of ego and a distraction.

Seeking praise from an audience? Desiring a good grade? Craving a glowing review? You want your ego bolstered. Angry about negative feedback? Bitter about rejection? Depressed by a bad grade on a jury? You want your ego protected.

Focus on sharing and suddenly you’re concentrating on others, on music, on art, and on communication. The emphasis is no longer on you and your ego, but on community and creation.

Sharing the art of music with your audience becomes the motivation to practice hard, to compose well, to learn everything, to teach with clarity.

To excel.

Give 100% of your energy to sharing. The more you keep for yourself, the less you give to the world.