Gallery for Woodwind Quintet

I am very pleased to announce that I have been commissioned by Force Majeure Quintet to compose a large-scale woodwind quintet composition for their 2014 tour. As a woodwind player myself (and professed band nerd), I have long imagined writing a sizable piece for flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, and horn.

The title of the piece is "Gallery." There will be five movements, each featuring a different member of the ensemble and each inspired by a different painting.

Movement 1: Claude Monet - The Cliff Walk at Pourville (movement for bassoon)

Monet - Cliff walk.jpg

Movement 2: Gustav Klimt - Water Serpents II (movement for flute)

Klimt - Sea Serpents II.jpg

Movement 3: Roy Lichtenstein - Ohhh...Alright... (movement for horn)

Lichtenstein - Ohhh Alright.jpg

Movement 4: Marcus Jansen - Creeping Obstacles in Kansas (movement for oboe)

Marcus Jansen - Creeping Obstacles in Kansas.jpg

Movement 5: Piet Mondrian - Broadway Boogie Woogie (movement for clarinet)

Mondrian - Broadway Boogie Woogie.jpg

I look forward to all of the hard work that will go into this collaboration. Force Majeure Quintet will be performing at my institution, Mars Hill University, on March 17 2014 as part of their tour.